Phuket Summer Camp as a Fun Learning Experience

Published: 05th May 2010
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A vacation in Phuket Island is indubitably a wonderful idea to appreciate the white sand beaches and clear waters of Thailand in family. While adults are taking a rest, teen children certainly want more fun activities of their own. A summer camp in a reputable International school in Phuket is a great possibilty as teens can have fun being with other teenagers while their parents enjoy more freedom.

These summer camps are usually for non-English speakers who learn English in addition to the practice of sports like football, swimming, tennis and golf. There are of course other options oriented more on sports for native English speaker teenagers. Phuket is the ideal place in Thailand for a summer camp. This is what Melanie, a 13-year-old teen, is saying about her experiencing a summer camp:

"This camp was very interesting, it was a camp where we studied and had activities every day. When we arrived at the Phuket airport, a few teachers welcomed us and drove us to the school by van. This school was very big, with large green areas including football fields and several indoor halls for other sports. There were also two swimming pools, a small pool for kindergarten and primary children, and a large pool for secondary children."

A summer camp is not only a solution to occupy children during a family trip, but a unique experience for young people who can be sent alone to Phuket and be very well taken care of by the school organizing the summer camp. There, they can meet friends of their age of different nationalities and have fun lessons like cooking in addition of the language classes. Melanie comments her learning experience:

"We were about 30 students during the two weeks camp. During this summer camp, we had English classes in the morning and evening. We had drinks and snacks every two hours, and everyday we had physical education with basketball, football or badminton. For the English lessons, there were three class-rooms with three different grades. During the second week of the class, we had cooking and swimming!"

Some activities for teenagers can also be arranged for shorter terms like a week or on a daily basis in some smaller schools or organizations. Kayaking, yachting, snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing and banana boat riding are great water sports that teenagers will enjoy on their own. And for those teens who can't go away from their parents, there are still plenty of fun activities that can be done together as a family.

Participating in a summer camp in Phuket can be a memory of a lifetime for many teenagers who will go back home with new friendships made. Phuket has top international facilities and schools that can accommodate parents and teenagers alike.


Michel Gerard is a freelance travel writer based in South-east Asia. Visit Reperages Thailand Travel's website to read Melanie's full story about a Phuket summer camp. Free Travel eBook also available for download =>

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